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Posted By :    Leah & Belle
Posted :    9/28/2015
Comments :    Dr. Dean and her staff are incredibly skilled, welcoming, and caring about each and every pet. I take my cat Belle to Happy Pet Vet and my extended family also take their pets here as the environment is so welcoming. I would highly recommend Happy Pet for your little furr baby! :)
Posted By :    Doogan  (ranto1@wowway.com)
Posted :    8/25/2015
Comments :    I love Dr. Dean and Andi! They have taken care of me since I was a young pup. 4 years later I am one lucky boy to have such a great Dr. and staff to go to for my health care. My dad would never take me anyplace else. He knows how much they really care about me, and how they go above and beyond in every aspect of my care. Thank you so much!
Posted By :    Sunny  (norma_robinette@yahoo.com)
Posted :    2/29/2012
Comments :    Dr. Dean and her staff are fantastic. They all have a "special" gift, not only do they listen to the animal's but they understand the human's who come in with their pets. I could not picture "our two boys" going anywhere else. Dr.Dean does not just give a shot or pill to your animal, she weighs everything out, looks up resource and then makes a caring decision and backs all this up with her or her staff calling to make sure your loving animal is doing good. The animal kingdom needs more places like Happy Pet, but I am beyond happy that we are part of this practice.
Posted By :    Laura Waldrop  (llwaldrop@sbcglobal.net)
Posted :    10/22/2011
Comments :    I have never met a more caring staff than Dr. Dean and crew. I never feel like my dog is just another patient. He is treated like he is one of their own. My lab is 11 yrs old and has arthritis in his back. We have begun acupuncture and are excited to start seeing results. Stay tuned....
Posted By :    Edie B. Wiener
Posted :    9/26/2011
Comments :    I am a very happy 14 yr. old dachshund since meeting Dr.Dean !!! My back was killing me, neck to tail. I was stumbling & falling down. Walks & playing weren't fun anymore. And I got so sick from the steroids for my IVDD. Then my Mom took me to Dr.Dean to see if acupuncture could help, and boy did it ! I am walking to my favorite places again & running around the house. Yup, I'm back in charge of the family. Oh and did I mention the banana rye cookies Dr.Dean gives me ? Thank you so much Dr.Dean !
Posted By :    robert  (evogle@berea.k12.oh.us)
Posted :    4/28/2011
Comments :    While my mom is at work i wanted to tell EVERYONE that Dr.Dean is "the coolest". I've been sick for a while, and my mom was really scared, but we called Dr.Dean and she's been sticking me with all these needles, and b12 shots, lots of kind and incredibly helpful words, and i have some spunk back! we thank God every night for her! Dr.Dean is brilliant...the complete package! So,will you marry me? Chi forever!
Posted By :    Reggie  (buckeyefanforeverkme@gmail.com)
Posted :    4/17/2011
Comments :    I just wanted to thank Dr. Dean (the cheese lady) for snatching my sister (Pinner) back from the jaws of death. She was soooo sick her belly looked like she had a huge letter of puppies. She wouldn't play and could hardly move. After a few weeks of needles and some other stuff she is back to her old self. In fact I can't keep up with her!!! Maybe I should try it too!!!!! Love, Reggie
Posted :    2/19/2011
Posted By :    Jean Kulyk
Posted :    8/18/2010
Comments :    We are so happy that we discovered Happy Pet Vet. Our dog, Jaz, is aging, so we are so happy with the personal attention that we get with her at Happy Pet Vet. We felt that we were just a "number" at our previous vet's office, but here, Jaz is given love and attention. We really appreciate the concern and options for treatment that Dr. Dean gives us. She explains issues that come up, and we don't feel rushed to make a decision on treatment. We are extremely happy with our choice of vets.

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Posted :    6/4/2020
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